Summer Jobs; Which One is the Right one for You?

Grace Griffin

We can all feel the weather changing, and know that summer is coming soon. With only two months of school left, now is the perfect time to look for a summer job.

Sure, the idea of being stuck inside working all summer doesn’t appeal to most people, but the idea of getting a weekly paycheck does. Whether you’re saving for college or just going out with friends, a little extra money would be nice this summer.

Some places to start looking are places that frequently hire high school kids. Ask friends and family members if their employers are hiring. Working with friends can be a lot of fun, and it makes it easier at the start if you already know someone working there.

Restaurants, large grocery stores, and retail and clothing stores are great first jobs or summer jobs because they require little to no experience and not much training is needed. They also have many other high school and college kids working there already, so they know how to accommodate a busy schedule and what to expect.

Also, working somewhere like a large grocery store with a lot of people is beneficial, because the hours will be more flexible and more people will be able to cover a shift if you need it.

Another alternative is seeing if your parent’s workplace is hiring someone for filing or receptionist work.

One thing to keep in mind: it is important to be at least somewhat interested or motivated by the job you choose.

While bagging at a local grocery may not be your passion, at least find something worthwhile about the job. Maybe you love meeting new people, or helping others, or organizing things. Whatever it is, it will make going into work a lot easier and more fun.