Student Government Gearing Up For a Big Year

Julia Hogan, Editor

With the start of the new year upon us, Student Government has many projects in the works. FHS students can expect to see a variety of exciting events and changes occurring within the school year. The club has also focused on improving their overall message and creating clear goals for the upcoming year.

During the Fall season, Student Government has a variety of new events planned.

In September, a Club Fair will be held. This is one of the many big events Student Government has planned for this year.  

Designed to help students become more involved within the school, the fair is in place to allow students to browse all of the clubs that FHS has to offer while also improving school wide communication.

“We recognized that there was a big issue with communication and involvement within the school, especially when it came to the clufairbs,” says FHS senior Maddie Derby. “We hope that the fair will give students an opportunity to join clubs that they are interested in, and become more aware of what is going on at school.”

Set to be heldon September 19th, all FHS students have with their classes, students will be brought into the courtyard (weather permitting), where all FHS clubs will be set up. Clubs will have a table where they will have tri-fold poster boards and flyers with information concerning what the club is about.

Students will also be given papers formatted in a weekly schedule to write down the clubs they are interested in and what days those clubs will be held.

In regards to homecoming, Student Government is also planning on revamping homecoming.

Instead of holding pep rally the day before Thanksgiving break, a rally will be held the day of the homecoming football game.

“We are trying to increase participation at the game and dance to increase school unity, while also homecomingJohn Leighton
celebrating fall sports and increasing attendance at all fall sports games” says FHS senior
David Goodfellow. “We also want to get everyone excited for playoffs”.

Additionally, Student Government will be holding a Color Run (Click here for more information). The idea for the run comes after the initiative and goal of the club to increase school unity while also giving back to the community.

The Color Run will be held later on in the Spring. Not only will FHS students be invited to attend, but also the whole community of Franklin.

The run is set up to give back to the community. All funds made by thecolor run will be given to a charity that has yet to be chosen.

While giving back to community is a goal of Student Government this year, they also have many other goals as well, such as increasing school unity and solving student issues.

“We want to really focus on increasing school unity this upcoming year. We hope to do this by planning more events for students, like the Club Fair and the Color Run, but also by solving student issues.” says Goodfellow.

Derby also added “We really want to create effective, real change within the school this year. With all the great ideas and events planned so far, we are very excited and hope FHS students are excited as well!”

It isthat students have much to look forward to. Welcome back FHS, and get ready for a great year!