Student Government is Hosting an Activity Fair

Find out what clubs are available for you

John Leighton

Find out what clubs are available for you

David Goodfellow

On Monday, September 19, student government will host an activity fair to showcase all the different ways students can get involved at Franklin High School.  

All FHS clubs will be invited to create a display and send members to speak to interested students about their club, provide information, and answer questions.

This event will be held in the courtyard or the library, depending on weather. Students will be able to explore clubs and activities either before or after their lunch.

“Our goal is to increase participation in all of the clubs Franklin High has to offer. As seniors, there are still clubs we weren’t aware of, so we want to give everyone an opportunity to find activities they can get involved in,” said student government officers Ally Mahoney and David Goodfellow.

More information is to come, so stay tuned, and be ready to meet the club of your dreams on September 19th.