Advice From A Senior: Juggling School, Sports, and Clubs

Nolan Ledwith, Writer

Going into this 2016/2017 school year, many students plan to keep their summer jobs once classes begin. Even more students plan on engaging in the athletics and clubs offered by FHS. With so many commitments, students can find it daunting to take on all of their work, but these five tips can make the school year a bit less stressful.

  • Use Direct Studies

Direct Studies can really be helpful if you use them correctly. It is easy to get caught up in conversation with friends, but you’ll thank yourself later if you use them to get homework done.

  • Get Work Done in Class

More often than not, teachers will have students finish the work they didn’t complete in class for homework, so if you have a busy night, try your hardest to do the assigned classwork during the class

  • Do Long Term Homework Assignments/Projects When You Have Time

Sometimes, teachers will assign homework or projects that are not due for a week or two, but rather than waiting for the last minute, utilize free time (such as a night off from work or a shortened practice) to work on these types of assignments.

  • Use Weekend Time Effectively

Students may have several work shifts or practices over the weekend as well as plans with friends, but be sure to use down time during the weekend to work on school assignments, this way you will have one less thing on your plate during the busy school week.

  • Use Breaks to do Homework

Obviously a break is a break and if you are doing a strenuous job, use this time to relax, but if you feel up to it, use your break at work to get some homework done, or plan out the rest of your assignments for the week.