How to Start the School Year Strong

Jillian Reynolds, Writer

As the two months and eight short days of our summer vacation come to a close, you may find yourself worrying about how to start the school year strong. Whether it be academically or socially, this list of helpful ways to start school right will lead you toward success.

  • Become Organized

Being organized can be hard, but it can certainly lead to an organized mind. Try clearing off your desk or table to leave more room for your work. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it can help you avoid distractions and have a more clear view of your school work. Also, clean out your backpack. A cluttered backpack can lead to missing work or lost pencils.

  • Get Involved

Although you may have heard this a thousand times from your teachers and peers, getting involved in school activities can help you out in more ways than imaginable. Joining a club or sport is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. Regardless of whether you’re a freshman or senior, participating in extracurricular activities is one thing that colleges love to see on your application, and joining them as early as freshman year shows commitment and dedication. If there aren’t any clubs you are interested in, then create one! All you need are five participants and a teacher and administrator’s approval.

  • Go to Sleep Early

Waking up early isn’t easy, especially if you’ve been going to sleep at 2am every summer night. To get your body accustomed to waking up early for school, try going to sleep earlier and earlier every night so that you can wake up early and refreshed. That way both your mind and body are ready to face the school day head on.

  • Do Your Homework As Early As Possible

Although it’s tempting, avoid messing around on your chromebook and talking to your friends during directed studies. Rather take that time to get work done so you have less at home. And once you’re home, try to get your homework done sooner than later, that way you can watch Netflix at home without stressing about school work.

Despite these four tips not seeming like much, if you try your best to fit them into your daily life, your school year is bound to start off on the right foot.