All About Our Photography Club

Photography Club

The purpose of FHS Photography Club is to encourage and educate aspiring and established photographers to improve their photography skills in a fun and engaging way. The club motivates students to learn and share their knowledge in a supportive manner. Additionally, the ability for students to submit their own work and have it critiqued by other students allows for collaboration among peers.

The FHS Photography Club provides a new opportunity for students to share their passion for photography. Although other art related clubs exist, the photography club would focus on the techniques and skills specifically related to photography. In addition to learning about the basics of photography more advanced skills pertaining to lighting, composition, and editing will be explored. Throughout the year, club meetings will occur on a biweekly basis. In each meeting, we will review photos from the previous photo challenge and introduce a new editing skill. We intend the FHS Photography Club to be an educational and enjoyable club for photographers of all skill levels.