Hunting for a Haunting: Top Haunted Houses in New England

Kylee Hurley, Sports Editor

As fall approaches, many FHS students will be looking for the latest Haunted House to attend this year What better place to live than New England?

Year after year the Factory of Terror never fails to give a good scare. The Factory of Terror is in three locations, including Worcester MA, Warwick RI, as well as Fall River MA. Each year, all three locations have a different theme, making the experience different each time! Tickets can be bought online now for the months of September and October, for as low as $13.33 a ticket.

Haunted Hill seems to be a Franklin favorite, mainly because it is only a few towns away. Based out of Cumberland RI, Haunted Hill is not only close by, but also affordable. Take a scary journey on a haunted bus ride to the remote location on top of the hill, and be prepared to get scared. This year, Haunted Hill will have three attractions in one location including The Chamber of Lost Souls, Heavens Angel, as well as Devil’s Den. Haunted Hill is $15.00 a ticket, and runs every weekend in October. Get there early, because there are usually long lines!

Nightmare New England is in Litchfield New Hampshire. It is a bit of a drive, and on the pricier side for a ticket, but it is well worth it. Nightmare New England comes from the creators of the renowned haunted house attraction that ran for several years; Spooky World. The tickets cost $34.99 for the General Admission ticket, and can cost up to $79.00 for a VIP Ticket. September 23rd-25th mark the park’s opening weekend, where they will be running a promotional BOGO sale. Nightmare New England has five main attractions this year, including a Haunted Hayride, Brigham Manor, Festival of Fear (3D), Carnage, as well as their latest attraction called “The Colony”. In addition to the haunted house attractions, Nightmare New England also has Zombie Paintball, Go-Karts, Batting Cages, and Carnival Concessions. If you are afraid of haunted houses, Nightmare New England has something for everyone!

Fear Town is an outdoor haunted house located in Seekonk MA at only $18 a ticket. Fear Town is open every weekend in October, and will be closed if the weather does not permit it. Children under 12 are not recommended to attend. The park offers group rates for 15 people.

Witches Woods is located in Westwood MA at Nashoba Valley Ski Area. It has seven main attractions; among them are The Haunted Hayride, Morbid Castle, Nightmare Mansion, The Keeper’s Crypt, Jack O’ Lantern Jamboree, Horrorwood Chamber of Chills, and Vampire Passage. Tickets are $37.00 at the door, but are being sold for only $19.00 online. The attractions open on September 30th, and run through the weekends in October.

Fright Fest is located at Six Flags New England where you can visit haunted houses as well as catch a few thrill rides. If you have a Season Pass at Six Flags, Fright Fest is included in the season. Promotional deals are running right now. If you buy a season pass to Six Flags for the 2017 season, you can attend Fright Fest this year. If you wish to attend Six Flags just for Fright Fest, the cost is $25.00 a ticket. A $40.00 season Fright Pass can also be purchased. Fright Fest opens Saturday September 24th and runs for every weekend through Halloween. Six Flags is located in Agawam MA.  

LakeVille Haunted House has been running for 25 years. Located in LakeVille MA, this haunted attraction is sure to give a fright. At only $15.00 a ticket, it is surely worth the drive. The haunted attraction takes place in rain or moonlight. It is located in the woods, so proper shoe wear is required. LakeVille opens October 14th, and runs on the weekends through the rest of the month.

Chamber’s of Terror is located in the spooky town of Salem MA. Visiting Salem in the month of October has enough attractions as it is, and is highly recommended. Chamber’s of Terror is open everyday in October. Tickets cost $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for children. An ultra package can be purchased on the website for $30.00, and comes with a t-shirt as well as a bumper sticker.

There are many more haunted houses in New England, but these are the most well known. Enjoy being scared!