Clash of the Candidates

Caroline Moll

Monday’s presidential debate between Clinton and Trump claimed the spot as the most watched debate ever. 84 million Americans tuned in to see the two battle it out between political standpoints and potential changes.

Whether or not people were watching it to gain an understanding for the candidate’s stances and legitimacy, or in anticipation for the legendary snappy responses previewed in the Twitter universe, most were not left unsatisfied.

The debate kicked off with both being asked about economic policies. As a businessman, Trump was fairly confident in his response and proposals.

Brad Jarosz, senior and leader of the teenage republicans thought that “during the first half an hour of the debate when most of the questions were economy based,  Trump handled his business. He talked about cutting red tape, reducing taxes, and keeping jobs from leaving our country.”

Hillary stood her ground here as well. She is well known for her stance on debt-free college education, and was able to build upon that as well as speak to the concerns of the middle class.

Alycia Felli, senior and co-president of the young democrats feels “that Hillary has been recycling a lot of the same statistics lately- maybe in efforts to sound more eloquent.”

Further into the debate, the questions began to revolve around national security and social issues. At this point, the tension between the two rose and viewers could see the conflict in interests.

“The rest of the debate was so so,” says Brad, “Hillary, being a career politician, was very well spoken, while Trump was not necessarily the whole time.”

Building on the point, Alycia added “Her rebuttals to some of Donald’s ridiculous comments were great. It was good to see some of her personality shine through, as she’s been criticized time and time again for being bland and monotone.”

Following the debate, many voters support their candidate now more than ever, while some are left questioning who they want to see take office. In Brad’s opinion, “I don’t think the debate is going to change anyone’s minds on who they have already decided to vote for.”

Both of the quoted representatives also wish to add that these statements do not represent an overall opinion of both teenage republicans nor young democrats, and both groups do not support all of either candidate’s viewpoints.