FHS Students’ Dream Teacher

FHS Students Dream Teacher

Samhita Modak, Writer

FHS students commonly think a sense of humor and understanding are helpful traits for a teacher to have.

When asked what qualities students like about their teachers, they frequently mention traits such as entertaining, reasonable, a sense of humor to lighten the mood of the class. Also, they mention an understanding that kids are really busy with sports, tests, and other homework. But the one trait that students mention is a trait all their teachers have. All of them enjoy their job.

Though students say most teachers now have all the qualities listed above, some freshman and sophomore students (who asked to remain anonymous) state examples of things their teachers do that stress them out. A few examples include giving more than an hour of homework one night for a single subject and pop quizzes.

One particular case was mentioned by every single student. A freshman states that case is “when teachers call on someone that didn’t raise their hand. Although this enables the student to participate, it also puts an enormous amount of stress on them.” This is the one thing the FHS student body mainly wishes their dream teacher wouldn’t do.

Even with the many attributes students wish their teachers had (or that they already have), students understand that teachers and students go through stressful times alike. Exams, the end of the year, and midterms are some of the top stress-filled times of the year for students and teachers. But FHS students also feel that there are certain things the teacher could do that would benefit both sides. For example, after-school help and extra opportunities to get grades up.

So, next time a teacher walks into a classroom, FHS students know exactly what to look for.