Freshmen Adjusting To High School

Brennan Rivera, Writer

Everyone remembers their first day of high school. The traumatizing older kids, bigger school, and huge workload. Well, today we go and ask how freshmen have adjusted to high school. We asked a few questions to two freshmen, Kevin O’Reilly and Nolan O’Rourke, both busy and athletic students.

High school sounds just like what it is, school. But school doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Both Nolan and Kevin said that high school is fun because of the responsibility that comes with it. But they were a little timid on meeting new people. New people are not necessarily in your grade, they might be four years older. Kevin and Nolan said that they were fine being around the older kids and said they look up to them for support.

With high school comes rumors about it, like how there might be so many bullies or maybe how hard it is. Both Nolan and Kevin responded to these rumors and said that there were no bullies or anything like that. They did however say that it is much more challenging and had more work to do.

Adjusting to high school for Nolan and Kevin was difficult for both of them. They both said that they had much more work and wish they were more prepared in middle school because of how much the workload increases.

The impact on high school to students like Kevin and Nolan, is making them well-rounded and better people plus giving them a good education. High school so far for Kevin and Nolan is fun, but tough. They both get an average of two hours of homework each, but overall they like high school. They say that Franklin has a good supportive community to work in. Even older kids help them out sometimes.

Getting involved in high school is a big priority for Nolan. Both Kevin and Nolan are involved with after school activities and say they made new friends that they can rely on that way. Nolan is involved with the freshman soccer team and would like to join an after school club with his friends. Kevin does workouts with Liane Blyn, the trainer at Franklin High School. Kevin can’t wait to play hockey at FHS .

Both students have now fully adjusted to high school and have learned to fully like school.