TV Production: Behind The Scenes

TV Production: Behind The Scenes

Evan Tulloch, Writer

It is always cool to have a behind the scenes look at movies or on TV. So tune in, and let’s take a look at how the TV production class is able to produce the morning news, and some other forms of media such as videos and TV. We will also be taking a look at some general information about the class, and more.

The main thing that is produced in the TV production class is the morning announcements that many people see, at 8:40 a.m. near the end of first block. However, even though morning announcements are the main production in the class, other elective classes use the room as well. Ms. Moreau stated that the music production classes use it as a sound stage, and that the video production classes use it as a place where they can shoot video.

But back to the morning announcements. The main way that the members of the TV production class are able to get the announcement information, is through announcement request forms, and other people giving information. The announcements often consist of club information, school events, and other activities.

Ms. Moreau, the TV production teacher loves the class because she had a career in the field for many years, and it is a very creative class. She really enjoys teaching her many students how to perform in the studio. TV Production is essentially broadcast journalism, according to Ms. Moreau. She says that it is important to inform people on many current events and happenings, and that it helps create a positive school culture.

The TV production crew films whenever a class meets, as there are four different classes. Whenever the team goes to record the morning news, they have to do it a day before – according to Ms. Moreau – as there is an inability to broadcast live at the school. The classes also produce content to air on the news, such as commercials and public service announcements.

Ms. Moreau explained that when the team is working in the studio, every piece of equipment is used differently, depending on where the students are working, and it takes teamwork to make the announcements and other media happen. She also said that it takes one class period for one day of morning news to be created, and that the media is edited in class.

Some additional information is that if students are interested in TV production but cannot do it in school, there is an after school club where students can create media such as videos and TV shows. The TV Club meets every Tuesday after school in the TV Studio, room 107.