Should Freshmen Be Getting Jobs?

Should Freshmen Be Getting Jobs?

Catherine Middelmann, Writer

The legal age for getting a job in Massachusetts is 14, meaning that freshman have reached the age where they can get a job. As a freshman, students can work 18 hours per week when school is in session, three hours per school day, and eight hours per day on weekends. So the question isn’t whether or not freshman are able to get jobs, it is whether they should.

If you said no, then you might be making some sense. Lack of experience and child labor laws mean that freshmen can only apply for a small number of jobs.  

It is important to consider the effect a job would have on a student’s grades. It’s no secret that school and homework take up a lot of time in the day. Adding a job into the mix could definitely complicate a student’s lifestyle.

Besides, would freshman actually take their jobs seriously? Freshmen are on the younger side, their age could lead to less dedication to their job. Freshmen are not seeking jobs because they need to pay expenses, so any job loss would not complicate their financial situation (in most cases).

However, if you initially said yes, you could also be making sense. It’s true that freshmen can be immature, but a job could be just what they need. Experience in the workplace will prepare freshman for responsibilities they may meet as they age.

Another positive aspect about freshmen getting jobs is they can explore what they might want to pursue as a career. Miguel Carmo, business teacher at Franklin High School, says to look for jobs that can get you on the track of what you want to do with your life. Finding out what to do in life is a difficult decision to make, so getting a head start on exploring your options and interests is a good idea. 

Those who choose not to get a job for the experience may be in it for something else: money. Expenses are a part of life – it cannot hurt to start saving now. Having money also means that students can begin to gain a small amount of financial independence.

What’s important here is that freshmen remember that school comes first. There is no right or wrong answer for whether freshmen should be getting jobs or not, it all depends on what the students feels is right for them.

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