Music Production Club, Where Creativity Shines

Sean Buckley, Writer

Music Production Club is a student led club, that lets students show and work with their favorite types of music. In this club, students are free to use a wide range of instruments and software to help them further explore the music they are most passionate about.

Franklin High School Senior,  Dominic Salzillo, the President of the club explained: ”I joined the club because I have a very strong passion for music and the club helps me express that.”

The club’s first Open Mic Night is October 27 from 6-8 pm in the black box (theater room). Anybody can sign up for open mic night, as it allows students to display their talents to their peers in a concert-like format.

Several open mic nights have taken place in the courtyard, which gave the event more of a relaxed feeling. Salzillo says: “I think the club will carry on a lot of the traditions we’ve started over the years, especially those pertaining to open mic night. The whole feel of the night is something that is really special and I have no doubt that the feeling will continue to be as great as it has been.”

Mr.O’Connors advises the club, Tony Bournazian is Salzillo’s Vice President, and Mitchell Taylor is the Secretary. If you want to stop by, the club meets every Thursday after school in room 105.