Join Best Buddies To Better Our Community

Join Best Buddies To Better Our Community

Mya Bustard, Writer

Helping kids with disabilities achieve their goals and accomplish new things everyday is what Best Buddies club strives for. 

Best Buddies is an international organization designed to match students with disabilities with their typical peers in order to create a special one-on-one friendship.

During these club meetings, students here at FHS help teach special ed kids how to socialize and accomplish small goals one at a time. The club meets every other thursday in the Cafeteria or Room 118 from 2:05-3 p.m.

Karley Allers, a sophomore here at FHS has been participating in Best Buddies since 6th grade. She enjoys it very much and believes it is important to include everyone, especially people who can’t learn as easily.

Now joining this club comes with many different roles. You can choose to be a regular member which means you go to all meetings and help out. You can be  peer buddy which means you are one-on-one with a buddy. Also, you can be a birthday buddy which means you decorate your buddies locker on their birthdays.

Along with many in school activities, the Best Buddies club holds activities outside of school as well. Some activities include going to volleyball games, football games or even sometimes out to lunch on the weekends.

Studies show that having a friend who makes you feel like you belong may be the key to better physical health. Allers said she will continue to be apart of Best Buddies and encourages everyone to join.

Looking to help create a one-on-one friendship with a buddy? You can contact any advisor of Best Buddies for more information, or find Ms. Connolly in Room 118.