A Fright-Night In Franklin

A Fright-Night In Franklin

Liana Catton, Writer

Don’t want to go far? Haunted houses are starting up and still no car? Franklin’s Hockomock YMCA is holding a fright night of its own, called ‘Haunted woods’ on Friday, October 21st!

Hosted by teen volunteers at the Y, this Friday will be full of fun! It’s a free halloween event for younger kids followed by a $4 trip through the ‘Haunted Woods’ for any age group starting at ages 7+.

Alec Hurd, one of the Executives of this Teen Department (and also a senior at FHS), states: “I have helped run this event in past years and guests should expect lots of fun and excitement.” He says that, even though it’s not the scariest of places, it gives scares to both little kids and adults.

Taking place from 6:30-8:30, the free children’s event will include face painting, jumpy houses, crafts, games, pizza and more! The Y says the theme for that evening is Superheroes so all children are welcome to wear their costumes!

Hurd states around 30 teenagers are currently working on this event.  Ellie Chouinard, a sophomore at FHS says, “They have been working on this night for a few weeks now, explaining there is a lot of effort and planning that goes into this night. It’s a big team commitment.”

This event obviously takes place outdoors, and the entrance will be on the left side of the YMCA, starting behind the building, and ending right next to the Y again. Hurd explains while it seems like a short distance, each trip is a decent amount of time.

The purpose of this event is intended to spread some Halloween spirit while still fundraising money for the Y. Haunted Woods is different each year, including the theme, route, and especially the objective of it.

Getting great reviews last year, the teens hope to focus a lot less on cheesy jump scares, and more on actually scaring people this year. Join them yourself this Friday and bring your family too!