Seniors Getting Ready for College

Maegan McDermott, Writer

Being a Senior in High School can be exciting and stressful with senior pictures, graduation, and most importantly preparing for college. Thinking about college and the application process may sound scary but if taken step by step it can be very easy.

When applying to college you should start off by picking schools to apply to and visit campuses to see how you like living there. Then, narrow down schools to apply to. Also, an important step in the college process is completing the FAFSA (free application for student financial aid).

Before applying make sure you have everything you need to apply for college: your SAT scores, letter of recommendation, and your transcript. Make sure you send all of these in by college due dates. Another thing to think about when applying is costs. College can be expensive so commuting and local schools are a lot cheaper, or you can consider a regional tuition break.

When asked about the college application process, Gabby Suarez, a senior at Franklin High School, said she is most nervous about not getting accepted to college or her top school because of each school’s standards.

Gabby also said she started worrying about college during her Junior year due to guidance counselors starting to talk about college. She plans on looking at local colleges or commuting.

College can be a scary yet exciting time in your life but with a little help from people around you, you will be able to navigate the college application process with ease.