The Life Of A Freshman

The Life Of A Freshman

Evan Tulloch, Writer

Middle school teachers are always saying how different high school will be, putting a lot of stress on students. Luckily, the life of a freshman is not as hard as many think it truly is. Two Freshman, Catherine Middelmann and Nicholas Merolla, give insight to incoming Freshman.

Middelmann said, “I think that the biggest difference between Middle School and High School is the thirty minutes before first period.”  

Merolla said, “The biggest change is probably the change in responsibility.”

Students can always check in with guidance counselors, to help them with many technical school things such as changing your schedule, or just adjusting to the school.

The high school also contains a much wider variety of after school clubs and activities. Middelmann does Mock Trial club at the high school, but she also takes theater at the YMCA, and vocal lessons at Encore. Merolla however does not do after school clubs, but sometimes will stay after school to get work done in the media center.

Middle school teachers often stressed the academic workload increase in high school, saying classes would be harder and students would gain more homework.

Middelmann said that her favorite class is math stating, “I’ve got a good squad at my table.”

Middelmann also stated that she gets homework that can take her anywhere from 30 minutes, to three hours to complete.

Merolla said his favorite class is science because, “…it gives you an interesting view of the world and how it works. Plus, there is a plethora of other topics that you can research about.”

Merolla gets at least an hour of homework every night.

High school also has a big change when dealing with lunch, where students go to either first, second, third, or fourth lunch depending on what class they have at the time. Lunch block is also the longest block, lasting from 11:10a.m. to 12:55p.m.

Another notable class is directed study, where students can get homework and classwork done, and study for upcoming assessments. High school will also include a lot of outside school events, like the upcoming homecoming dance, and the freshman banquet at the end of the year. There will also be many more events such as fundraisers throughout the year. You can find the daily schedule for students here.