Homecoming Float Competition

Owen Palmieri, Writer

Franklin High School Varsity football is going head to head against Attleboro High on Friday, Oct. 21 for the Homecoming football game, where the float competition will be held.

Each student class of government is competing against each other in a homecoming float-off where they have to build a parade float on a trailer and during the game, will drive them onto the field to show off their creations.

Adam Gendreau, a Co-Secretary in the freshmen student government said that the theme of the class of 2020’s float would be vision, hence the fact that the graduating year is also a reference to perfect vision: 20/20 vision.

When asked who he thought would win the parade float competition, Gendreau stated: “Us, the freshmen. Our float is going to be amazing!”

Each student government class gets $200 funding for materials, and each class had to find a truck and a trailer for their float.

The class officers and representatives are in charge of building the float and they expect to completely finish the float the day of the game.

Gendreau said that the freshmen student government usually meet once or twice a week in the mornings or after school and that they have been working on making decorations, props, and posters for their float.

If interested in attending the game and seeing the floats, you can buy tickets at https://statechamps.com/buy-tickets/.