Meet The New Freshman Vice President

Meet The New Freshman Vice President

Nolan O'Rourke, Writer

Have you ever wondered what it is like being the Vice President of the freshman class? Well, Chorr-kin Chin, the Vice President of the freshman class is here to tell you all about it. Chorr-kin Chin is a freshman here at Franklin High School, and just recently, he won the election for Vice President of the Class of 2020.

Chin has been dreaming about this day for years, and now that it’s here, he is thrilled to be able to be a part of the growing community at FHS. Chin states that he chose to run for office because he knows that high school is a place for learning and preparing, but believes that it shouldn’t just be a place for 100% learning, and should be a place for fun too.

Vice President Chin is determined to be a great leader this year and his mind is set on improving the school for the class of 2020 and the future of Franklin High School. Chin states, “I am thrilled to be in the Class of 2020, not just because the number is cool, but the talent our class possesses is insane, and on top of that, I get to represent them.”

As the Vice President of the 2020 class, Chin is confident that he and Danny Harrington, the Class President, will “make sure that their class leaves FHS with tons of great memories.”

As you may know, there are many that run for office here at Franklin High, but very few can win, and with the large class numbers, it is quite the achievement to be able to take office here at Franklin High School.

Not only is Chin the Vice President of Student Council, he is a player for the freshmen soccer team.

Many students commented on Chin’s success, including student, Brennan Rivera. Brennan states that Chin is definitely going to benefit the class and school this year, and create a better working environment.

If you would like to contact Chin at any time this year with any school issues, feel free to talk to him in the halls, or direct message him on Twitter or Instagram (@chorrkin).