Help With A Purpose: Community Service

Help With A Purpose: Community Service

Olivia Curreri, writer

For thirty-five percent of their wellness grade, Franklin High School freshmen are required to volunteer five hours, and sophomores 10 hours of their time to help at a non-profit organization.

Samhita Modak, a freshman at FHS says she was stressed out when trying to find a place to complete all of her service hours. This is very common for other students too.

Johnna MacLean, one of the Advisors of Community Service Club, says: “Kids stress about community service hours because they procrastinate.”

In an effort to help lessen the anxiety about the project, Community Service Club was formed. One-hundred to 120 students participate in this student run club and collaborate to find organizations to offer services to.  Students can join a google classroom and sign up for hours.

MacLean says that most kids volunteer at fundraisers for diseases, or help out at the  middle/elementary schools. Modak completed her hours at Forge Hill Senior Center.

Modak says, “I completed my hours in the summer, before it got too busy with school and sports.”

Modak says that it was a bit boring when completing them, but believes it’s imperative for the school to require community service hours. It’s important to learn to help the environment around them.

Students must turn in a form with a signature saying they completed all their required hours and present in front of the class a slideshow about their volunteer work. Freshmen have to complete their project by January 6th and sophomores have until May 26th.