Drama Club To Put On Shows

Drama Club To Put On Shows

Parker Halliday, Writer

On Wednesday December 21st and Thursday December 22nd, FHS drama club will be performing two one-act plays, “The Giver” and “Gathering Blue”. Both plays are set in dystopian societies with “Gathering Blue” being the sequel to “The Giver”. This week I spoke to the cast to get their insight on both plays.

When asked about her experience in “The Giver”, Riley Halliday, who plays Fiona, said, “it has been an all around great experience, I love working with a smaller cast because we have all become very close”. Melissa Reinerston who plays Kira in “Gathering Blue” described the two separate plays as being  “…especially challenging…because rehearsals felt divided, but both shows have come together really well”.

The amount of work that has gone into both productions sometimes goes unnoticed. Robbie Hoye, who plays the Father in “The Giver”, said, “we usually are the last people to leave the school, staying very late after school, running lines and scenes, trying to perfect the shows.” “We rehearse three times a week after school” Melissa said, “and actors and stage crew alike have had a lot of cues to remember to make the show a success. Also, the FAA Combined Arts Class has worked really hard designing and creating the sets for the show.”

When asked why people should come see the plays, Robbie said, “The shows are powerful, fun, and moving plays that I would love everyone to see…after months of rehearsing it would be amazing to have a large audience”. The shows are $5 dollars for students and $12 for adults and will be performed in the FHS auditorium at 7 o’clock. The cast and crew has spent countless hours each week trying to put these plays together, and the support of their classmates and teachers would mean the world to them.

Hope to see you there!