Girl Up Talks Equality

Girl Up Talks Equality

Alyssa Carolan, Writer

Franklin High School’s new club, Girl Up, hosted an event, the Equality Talk, the after-school on December 12th.

At the event, members and non-members discussed controversial subjects such as Shaming Women, Women in Government, Violence Against Women, Women’s Wages, and many more topics along these lines.  Students were split up into random groups with other students they may not have known.  These groups were given topic ideas and questions to get discussions going.

Event-goer, Hannah Stahl, said, “The entire experience was awesome.  We should have more discussions about these important issues.  More people would enjoy and this and should definitely come.”

Other students, in addition to Hannah, have given their opinion that more of these discussions should take place as they are very important to talk about and prevalent in today’s society.

President of Girl Up, Samiha Rao, thought that the event “went really well.”  She says that we should “do more of these events because they let us know how peers and the community feel about these issues.”  Vice President, Sophie Kripp, agrees.  She was very happy about how Girl Up was “able to have students lead hard-hitting discussions that not every student can talk about in the classrooms.”

Students had a great time and hope there are more of these kind of events to come!