Panther Studying Tips


Pantherbook Staff, Writers

With midterms right around the corner, Pantherbook is coming at you with some great studying tips and advice!


Make a schedule: Plan your studying schedule around when your tests are (remember to mark the days your tests are early in advance). Start studying at least a week in advance and make sure to utilize the weekends.

An hour a Day: Schedule at least a half hour to an hour of studying per day

Bookmark Important Sites: Create a quizlet or google doc with people who are in your class so you can all study from it.


Find local cafes or libraries to find a quiet space to study. Starbucks and Barnes and Noble both provide free wifi, while places like the Franklin Public and Medway Public libraries provide quiet areas to study.

Listen to music! Classical music and acoustic music are both great options to study with.

Subjects: How should I study for each?

  1. English
    1. Utilize online resources to help breakdown and analyze literature
    2. Make a quizlet for vocab words
  2. History
    1. Crash Course
    2. Adam Norris
    1. Study in chronological order of chapters
    2. Rewrite your notes from the book and class, it will help you memorize!
    3. Mark down points you need extra review on
    4. Try watching helpful videos!
    5. If you are a visual learner, create history-related visuals such as a timeline
  3. Science
    1. Flashcards can help you drill concepts through your mind
    2. For math related sciences, do as many practice problems relating to a concept struggled with
  4. Math
    1. Rewrite notes with color-coding
    2. Create problems on your own
    3. Watch Khan Academy
  5. Foreign Language
    1. Utilize Quizlet and Word Reference as needed

Good luck with your midterms, FHS!