Search and Save the Environment: Ecosia

Dharani Rangthale

Do you often use search engines? Have you ever wanted to support the environment and wanted quick access to do so?  If so,  check out Ecosia.

They are a social business created in 2009, and they are based in Germany.

When you search for something, ads are shown next to the results, and these are called EcoAds. The ads send you to websites for businesses who pay for the click users do. Bing, who shows the ads, pay Ecosia some of the money created by the ads. Then, around 80% of the profits from the search give income to help plant trees.

They plan on planting 1 billion trees by 2020.  They help plant trees focusing on 35 biodiversity spots which are threatened, in poor agricultural communities. Trees this way can prevent erosion, restore water systems, and create a stable climate for other crops.  They will plant trees where there have been trees, and they plant trees where people could benefit from. They also work with native species to restore their natural environments.

Sometimes, they do not plant trees and instead use sowing as they want the best way to get the trees growing if plants do not adapt to the harsh weather and die off.
Ecosia overall believes in tree planting to add value to nature and people’s lives.