Why Most Students Will Not Be Able To Eat Lunch In the Library


Jillian Reynolds, Editor

This school year, we not only welcome the new class of 2021, but we also welcome the new rules of the building. In the past years, students have been able to eat freely in the library every day without any restrictions. Well, that is about to change.

Rather than allowing all students to eat in the library, eating lunch in the library is now a senior privilege. According to Mrs. London, the new librarian, this is because “there is such an influx of freshmen, the cafeteria is going to be really crowded”, so in order to minimize crowding in the cafeteria, the school is allowing only seniors into the library for lunch. But how will the school ensure that only seniors are eating in the library?

An online signup sheet has been created for seniors to make reservations. “The signup link [can be] found on the new library webpage,” Mrs. London stated. “You need to get there through the high school link” or you can Google “Franklin High School library”. Seniors can sign up between 8PM the night before and 10AM the day of their lunch, and only 50 students can sign up at a time. If the signup page is consistently not reaching 50 students, then the library will consider allowing juniors or underclassmen into the library for lunch as well.

Seniors, if you wish to eat in the library, we recommend bookmarking this link. Here’s to a great year!