Calling All Candidates – Freshmen Elections are Coming!


Freshman Elections

This is your chance to run for office!

Pantherbook Staff

Freshman elections will be held next Friday, September 22. Student Government is seeking Freshmen who are interested in running for office.

Students may run for any of the following positions:

President – Responsible fro running meetings and organizing all class fundraising and events.

Vice President – Assists President in running events and fundraisers as well as communicating with the entire class.

Treasurer – Responsible for class finances, while working closely with advisers and administration

Secretary – Responsible for keeping a record of all meetings and events.

ALSO – Students are eligible to run for

Class Representative to Student Government – Seven students will be elected to represent their class in Student Government.  This election will take place a week after the officer election and anyone who did not win the office election is eligible to run.

How to Run – Students may fill out this Nomination Form. It is due to your House Office by Monday, September 18. Candidates will also turn in their typed speech (plan on a limit of two minutes) at the same time.

Candidates will deliver their speech to the class on Wednesday, September 20th. (If we run out of time, candidates will publish  video of their speech).

Nomination Form ->