What’s New With Panther Pride Night


Alyssa Carolan, Editor

New changes are coming to Panther Pride Night, which will be held on Thursday, October 19th from 5:30-7:30pm.

Panther Pride Night is a night where clubs and sports teams get to represent themselves to prospective students and their parents.  Clubs and teams are able to converse with parents and students to really demonstrate how important extracurriculars are at FHS.

The first change is the people in charge of organizing the event.  Last year, Mr. Reynolds pulled it all together, but this year Ms. Klein, Mr. Shultz, Ms. Martin, and Ms. Evans will be the ones to organize it.  These four teachers are administration interns; this means they are in a program so that they can become administrators at schools.

Ms. Klein described the process of organizing this event as “multilayered.”  Many nit-picky things needed to be done in order to ensure a successful night.

 Teenage Republicans

First, these teachers have to wait for the represented clubs to get an advisor for Panther Pride Night, so that the clubs and athletics can be represented in the best way possible for 8th grade families.

The next step for these administrative interns is to contact the three middle schools in Franklin and their 8th grade families.  They’ll send out an email letting everyone know Panther Pride Night is happening and when it will be held.

 40% Club (also known as Happiness Club)

Moving on, these teachers had to figure out how the school would be used during the night.  Last year, all clubs were in the cafeteria and all sports were in the gym.  This setup was not so great as parents and students had to go to two different spots to get the information they wanted.  This year, though, the gym will be the main attraction.  It will be in a convention style, so in the center of the gym, athletics will have booths, and along the walls, clubs will have booths.  Ms. Klein hopes this setup will “flow better.”

Another new addition to Panther Pride Night is Mr. Peri and Mr. Klements’ welcoming speech.  This will be held in the auditorium.  This will be presented at the beginning.  Then, parents and prospective students are able to check out the gym.

 Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Since Franklin High School has a lot to offer in terms of its facilities, such as project rooms, science labs, the forensics lab, and computer labs, Peer Leaders will now give tours around the building.  This allows parents and students to really see what FHS is like and where students learn.  These tours will be given every 15 minutes.

It may seem like Panther Pride Night is happening earlier than it did last year, and that’s true.  It was done intentionally, since 8th graders and their parents have to start thinking about private schools around this time.  Having this showcase earlier in the school year allows for parents and students to really consider Franklin High School as they start to make decisions about high school.

 Photography Club (now known as FHS Creative)

Panther Pride Night is sure to help parents and students get an inside look into Franklin High School, but it will also be a great way to feature the fantastic clubs and athletics program we have at FHS.

For more information on what Panther Pride Night is click here.

 Peer Leaders