Jump Into Fall

Jump Into Fall

Sky Barker, Writer

Fall is the time of the year when the leaves change, the air becomes cooler and the holidays are approaching. Here are what a few Franklin High School students shared about their favorites activities to do in the fall.


Seniors Tyler Zajac and Tim Delay both said they enjoy raking leaves into piles and jumping into them because it brings back childlike memories. The joy that lit up across their faces showed how much they enjoyed doing that as a child. Zajac also expressed how he enjoys Thanksgiving and the tradition of stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy that him and his family eat during the holidays.


Junior Kat Walbert also says that the food is something she enjoys about the fall. She goes to the Big Apple located in Wrentham with some of her friends and they get warm apple cider and go apple picking. She also enjoys the how the clothing style in fall changes and expressed her love of ripped jeans, cute sweater, and fun nail polish colors.


The fall is a great time to spend quality time with your family and friends. Senior Justin Thornhill travels to New Hampshire with his family and really enjoys four wheeling with his older brother, James.


Chelsea Hartnett, another senior, enjoys carving pumpkins and watching scary movies such as Friday the 13th and anything by Stephen King with her friends. She says she enjoys the thrill and feels that the fall just wouldn’t be the same without horror movies.


With so many different activities to do and holidays to celebrate you are sure to have a great season.