How FHS Students Can Strive for Success


Marissa Randlett, Writer

Franklin High School (FHS) students reveal their most innovative tips to be the best student you can be!


In an interview, 10th graders Chloe Naff and Kayla Palmer revealed their study strategies to help guide their peers in the right direction.


Here are the top 5 tips for success:

  • Get Help From Your Peers

The best way to get help is from your friends and classmates. Working with friends relieves stress and makes learning more fun! A useful idea for using others is to form a study group. When you are working with others in a study group you can collaborate on the topic and gain another perspective from a different point of view.


  • Color Coding

Using a variety of different colors not only makes studying unique but also helps you remember information better. When color coding, it is helpful to label the colors for one topic. For example, in history class, yellow is places, green is certain people, pink is definitions you need to remember, blue is the the major events, etc. By using this method it will keep all of your work neat and make it more useful in the future.


  • Review Information Once it is Given

Once you start to receive the information in class and know that there is an assessment coming up, keep all of the work in a safe organized place. Review the work over time and as you keep learning, add on to the information you already know!


  • Use Your Teachers as an Advantage

Some of the most resourceful people are your teachers, after all they are here for a common reason: to help you! Take notes on the things your teachers say, and if the teacher says something more than once it is most likely important. Additionally, if a teacher writes a word, phrase, etc. on the board copy it down on paper and review for later.


  • Go to New Environments

Going to new environments such as cafés or our very own Media Center at FHS is a great place to work. By doing this it will open your mind up to new places and give you a break from your normal routine. Finally, some places that you go to will have access to different resources, for instance the Media Center has the internet and a wide collection of books.


Follow these five tips for success and your 2017-2018 year will be the best one yet!