What is the Franklin Arts Academy?

This Years FAA

Mrs. Tebbets

This Year’s FAA

Catherine Grace

The Franklin Arts Academy (FAA) is the perfect link between critical and creative thinking for any art-loving student.

The FAA here at FHS is a community-focused program for anybody interested in the arts. The FAA school profile says it’s for students who are passionate about connecting their academics to artistic endeavors, and is open for sophomores, juniors and seniors, at Open Honors level. Tenth grader Molly DiMatteo stated anybody that’s interested in any form of arts; visual arts, theater, dance, video production, or any other form of art should join.

The program offers multiple intelligence approaches to regular classes and school work, according to the online FAA school profile. FAA classes have many project based assignments, for example some classes will take sketchnotes. DiMatteo says that if you’re into visual art that’s one way to take notes, drawing rather than just writing.

The three year program aspires to help students who are interested in the arts find a place in the school and find people who can relate to them. In addition, they hope to create a place for students to learn and do what they enjoy.

In order to join, you must submit an application, including one art piece, two non-teacher recommendations, two teacher recommendations and one writing sample, reported the FAA school profile.

DiMatteo vocalized her relationships with other students in the FAA saying, she definitely formed friendships through the FAA. FAA meetings allow you to meet people who have similar interests to you.

Finally, DiMatteo concluded that she joined because she is interested in visual arts, and knew she’d be in a community of people who have interests similar to her’s.  She also thought that working project based might be better for her. DiMatteo does not regret her decision to join, saying she loves being in the FAA, and recommends others to join as well.