Getting Cramped Yet?

Finding a seat at lunch has become a challenge.

Finding a seat at lunch has become a challenge.

Anna Eppihimer

This year, Franklin High School reached its highest enrollment in history. 1,792 students are currently enrolled, causing the lunchroom to overflow.

The cafeteria isn’t as big as the school would have liked, and the administration, faculty, central office, superintendent, and student leadership are working on solutions to this crowding problem.

Paul Peri, the principal at FHS, says he “recently ordered more lunchroom furniture.” He went on to say the new tables and chairs will be put into the main hall outside the lunchroom. Mr. Peri is also looking to get more high top tables for the main hall.

The new furniture will alleviate some of the cafeteria crowding, and will provide a quieter area for students during their lunches.

Students have also noticed the constant crowding during certain lunches, that will only get worse with the cold, snowy winter rushing into Franklin in the coming months.

A senior at FHS, Sydney Robinson, comments, “There are a lot of people in the third lunch.”

Robinson also says that “having outside seating is pretty helpful, but when it’s cold out, everyone is stuck inside. That is when we run out of seats.”

The school will continue to look for solutions to the growing enrollment, and Mr. Peri says he and his team are open to new ideas the students may have concerning the problem.