That’s the Spirit!


Lindsay Melville, Writer

Franklin High’s annual Spirit week starts up again in just over a month!

Spirit week is the combination of the week before Thanksgiving and the following Monday and Tuesday, right before Thanksgiving break. This event gives students, and faculty, the chance to dress up according to each day’s theme in order to win some kind of prize for their grade.

Each grade participates to see which one has the most “spirit”, in an effort to bring the school together right before the first big school break of the year. The week ends with the annual pep rally in the gym, where the entire school comes together to celebrate the first term of the school year.

Spirit Week is such a memorable event because it’s so easy to get involved. FHS senior Victoria Rein chimed in that, “Spirit week is a great way to get students excited about school, because it’s the perfect way to bring the school together.”

Some of the day’s themes include pajama day, college day, twin day, etc. Getting involved is so simple that anyone could just wear a college t- shirt for college day, and get automatically accounted for participating!

But some students, especially the seniors, like to go all out.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few examples of costumes that students nailed at some of their high school’s spirit weeks.

Another senior, Melissa Marchese, had her own thoughts to share about the upcoming tradition.

“Spirit week is probably one of my favorite weeks to be a part of the school; it’s fun being able to participate in something like that during the school day and I think that we should have more [opportunities like that].”

So when Spirit week rolls around, hopefully everyone gets in the participating spirit!

Below is the schedule for spirit week:

Monday November 13th- America Day

Tuesday November 14th- Tropical Tuesday

Wednesday November 15th- College Day

Thursday November 16th- Color Rush

Friday November 17th- Boston Day

Monday November 20th- Pajama Day

Tuesday November 21st- Franklin Day