Five Places to Travel This Winter

Five Places to Travel This Winter

Chloe Naff

Whether it’s magical lights in Disneyworld or Iceland’s natural beauty, beautiful snow-covered trees in Canada, skiing in Vermont, or staying warm on a Caribbean Cruise, beautiful scenery can help you to beat the winter blues.


There are lots of local places to visit. Including Boston, Mass. and New York City, N.Y., to see the cities lit up in lights for the holidays. Best of all the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller center in New York City, N.Y. is so bright and filled with so much holiday cheer.


This year the lighting will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 29 with performances from  7-9 p.m. and will remain lit until Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, according to the official Rockefeller Center website.


A not so local place, but still in the United States you can go to is the Happiest Place in the world, Disneyworld. According to 10th grader, Marissa Randlett, it was so beautiful and magical, the lights and fireworks were so pretty! She went in the beginning of December, and it was busy as always.


To get away from the cold, and get into the bright sun try the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). The ship leaves from Miami, Fla. and explores the Caribbean Islands of St Thomas, Nassau, and Tortola.


When 10th grader, Kayla Palmer, was asked what the best part of the ship was she replied, the water slide and unlimited food were the best, and they had a ton of parties. Palmer went on the cruise ship during February break, just in the peak of winter here in New England.


A nature filled trip to go on is to visit Banff National Park in Canada. This is a very cheap vacation with daily passes ranging from about $5-$10 per person.


However since 2017 is their 150th anniversary of Confederation, entry in 2017 is free. The end of the year is fast approaching so get there fast. People can also enjoying camping here at many different locations in the park and just for a small extra fee.


A usual activity in the winter is skiing. A great place to go for day trips is Sunapee in New Hampshire. Junior, Maggie Doyle says that this place has good trails and the lines aren’t usually long. Another great place to go for weekend long trips is Jay Peak in Vermont. Doyle states that they have really nice trails that are challenging and usually really snowy.


Finally another naturally beautiful place to go in the winter is to see the northern lights. Two great places to go are Iceland or Alaska. The best time to go and see the lights are from September to mid-April because the skies are the darkest.