The FINAL Countdown


Madeleine Lussier, Editor

With less than 30 days until summer, most Franklin High Students are preparing for concerts and vacations, yet there is one obstacle they must face before hitting the beach: Finals.


For Seniors, summer vacation is rapidly approaching. The Final Exam Schedule for the Class of 2018, along with Senior Week Activities and Graduation Practice can be found here.


Franklin High School Senior Nick DeCrescenzo says that “I’m most looking forward to the Senior Cruise because it will be fun to be on the water” to finish up his high school career. Nick has committed to Syracuse University to major in Forensic Science.


For Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman, Final Exams begin later. Chemistry teacher Dr. Warby says, “It is not practiced that makes perfect, but perfect practice that makes perfect.”


Check out how Dr. Warby studies for exams in this video


The Final Exam Schedule is as follows:


Thursday, June 14th: A Period (8:40-10:10)

*note: this is a full day of school

Friday, June 15th: B Period (7:35-9:05) and C Period (9:20-10:50)

Monday, June 18th: D Period (7:35-9:05) and E Period (9:20-10:50)

Tuesday, June 19th: F Period (7:35-9:05) and G Period (9:20-10:50)

Wednesday, June 20th: Make Up Exams


Students, please note that Friday, June 15th – Wednesday, June, 20th are half days. If you do not have an exam on one of the half days, you do not have to attend that class.

Locker Clean Out will take place on June 14th at 1:30 PM. This includes the Physical Education lockers in the locker room.