TV Club Hosts a Second Open House

TV Club Hosts a Second Open House

Halle Goldsmith, Writer

TV club invites everyone to their second annual Halloween Party/Open House.

Club advisor, Ms. Moreau and the rest of the TV club kindly welcome any and all students or staff who want to attend. The open house is being hosted on Thursday, Oct. 18 after school in the TV studio (room 107).

The main purpose for the party is to open the studio up to students who’ve never seen it before and introduce Franklin High to the crew. Part of showing the new students the studio is showcasing their green screen and all the Panther TV productions.

The crew uses it as a time to celebrate Halloween as well. That is why Halloween candy is their food of choice for the party. Adding to the Halloween vibes, they will be airing a scary movie for your enjoyment.

The time for planning the party has been restricted to a week this year. Last year, it took them 2-3 weeks to plan. Since the week before Halloween is parent-teacher conferences and the day after is Panther Pride Night, they’ve had to cut back their planning time.

“We usually like more time,” says Moreau, “but October is such a busy month.”

Both Moreau and club co-president Demi Seremetis stressed that they want to keep doing this open house Halloween party, and are striving to make it a tradition for TV club.

Seremetis says, “I enjoyed it last year, we got to show people what TV club is about and we got to celebrate Halloween. It’d be really cool to start a tradition at Franklin High.”

TV club hopes to see everyone there on Thursday. Make sure to be there and check out what the club and this party is all about.  

For updates make sure to check the club twitter, click here.