Computer Club: A Club For Anyone Interested In Tech

Computer Club in progress

Katherine Woislaw

Computer Club in progress

Katherine Woislaw, Writer

Computer Club is the club for anyone interested in anything and everything related to computers and technology.

Meeting in room 208 every Tuesday from 2:10 p.m. to 3 p.m., the Computer Club focuses on all things related to technology, with meetings last year ranging in topic from the coding language Python to the modern use of CryptoCurrency.

Club advisor Mr. Trevor Barron said that “[Computer Club is] a nice way for kids who might have an interest in computer science at home  or in technology to meet kids with a similar interest.”

While the name may suggest that the club caters to only those interested in the more complex aspects of technology, diversity of experience is widely encouraged. The club focuses on a wide variety of experiences to encourage a variety of ideas.

But that is not all that this club has to offer.

Mr. Barron hopes that the club can “creatively use technology.” He also hopes for the club to create an impact on FHS.

Mr. Barron has introduced a few ideas for Computer Club school projects that will leave a so-called “legacy” in FHS.

The first idea is an app that enables the students to view all activities at Franklin High School, such as clubs and sporting events.

The second idea is to create an automated polling process that determines the music played during the daily passing periods.

While the Computer Club has high goals, most meetings are more laid back.

The club begins with a game of Kahoot, and a presentation on a subject chosen by the club is shown after. Most of how meetings go is left up to the students attending.

Any further questions regarding Computer Club should be directed through email to the President Vinay Balaji or the Vice-president Hector Vazquez, or to Mr. Barron.