A Fun Way To Help Our Community!

A Fun Way To Help Our Community!

Jenny Maciel, Writer


If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to get service hours, community service club is the way to go!

Community service club is a Franklin High School club where students can volunteer their free time to help give back to our community.

Head officer of the club, and senior at FHS, Avery Knous, says We help a bunch of different organizations, and try to help people lives become easier.”

The leader of the club also informs that “The club meets every 3-4 weeks on Fridays, in the lecture hall.”

At these meetings, new service opportunities are announced. Even though you may not need the service hours, community service club is still a great and simple way to just help people out who need it.

Some may wonder if they have to wait till next year to get into the club but it is always open to all!

“It is never too late! People can hop in at any time, anyone in the school who is looking for volunteer hours can join.”

The senior also adds that “I think people should join this club because you can really see what’s out there and have a fun time with your friends while making people’s day.”

One of the fun parts about community service club is that while its great experience, you can even hang out with friends while volunteering and it can even bring people closer together.

Sophomore and local student at FHS, Sophia Perro, says “My favorite part of the club is that I get to give back to the community while hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I can even get the chance to meet new people while I’m volunteering. I personally think it’s a great experience for people.”

The club has a variety of opportunities for everyone to have a chance to participate. Most options are during the weekends.

“I like to volunteer whenever I can or have time. Usually on the weekends because it is an easier time to work around but there are always chances to volunteer for everyone” says Perro. “I like volunteering because it is really humbling knowing that I am giving back to my community, it makes me feel really good  and accomplished afterwards.”

So, the next time you’re looking for a chance to help out our community, consider joining community service club!

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