Creative Club Creates Services and Opportunities For Everyone

Creative Club Students Hard at Work

Katherine Woislaw

Creative Club Students Hard at Work

Katherine Woislaw, Writer

The Creative Club is a Graphic Design and Photography based club that offers creative services for anyone interested.

Once only a photography club, the Creative Club has expanded its horizons to include both photography and Graphic Design. With its expanded focuses, the Creative Club also has new goals.

The goal of Creative Club is, according to Mrs. Alyssa Taranto, “to provide services to the school community.”

President Sophie Kripp elaborated on this point, saying: “One of our biggest goals for the club is to have our students have a safe space to be creative as well as provide services for both the high school’s as well as local community’s design or photography needs.”

More specifically, the Creative Club offers the unique experience of creating logos for any and all clients.

Anyone can request a design or logo, and no affiliation to the school is required. Requests can be sent to the forpage that is accessible to all advisors, or for a more direct approach, requests can be sent HERE.

This logo process was created so as to give students more opportunity working with designs, as many wished to have more real world applications for what they learned in the club.

Students sketch out their ideas for logos on paper, before digitizing them themselves or with the help of someone familiar with the graphics programs used. After this process they receive feedback from their peers, and depending on the number of people working on the project, the client receives 1-3 logos. Most logo changes only take a few weeks to complete.

Even if students want to focus on Graphic Design, no skill level is required whatsoever. While logos are a large part of the club, it provides a place for students to work on their graphic design skills outside of the three courses offered.

But, logos and Graphic Design work are not all that Creative Club has to offer. Photographers can also be requested for to cover events, and Creative Club holds a school-wide event called Break the Frame which showcases the photography work of both students and staff around the school.

Meetings are held every Thursday in room 128 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Any additional questions regarding the request process or club matters can be sent to Mrs. Taranto or Presidents Kripp (Photography) and Morgan Derby (Graphic Design), and Vice President Emma Goulet.