Trick or Treat?

Anika Patchala, Writer

How did your Halloween go this year? Wrapped up in bundles of cozy blankets watching horror movies or putting on a costume and stepping out into the cold night? Walking kids around their neighborhoods gave parents a break from their busy schedules. High school students took breaks from homework and studying.

Nitya Avadhuta, a sophomore at Franklin High school said, “Halloween was a nice way to relieve stress from school and homework, and it was a fun way to get exercise.” Along with the exercise, pillow cases, plastic bags, and buckets were filled with sweet treats last night.

Did you know Halloween was an ancient Celtic festival where Celts would have bonfires and wear costumes to scare off the ghosts? It’s known that Irish immigrants brought this holiday to America. 

The word “Halloween” means “Saints evening.” It comes from a Scottish phrase for “All Hallows’ Eve.” This is also known as the evening before All Hallows’ Eve. Over many generations, Halloween developed to kids dressing up as their favorite characters and actors to trick or treat.

Whether you watched movies, hung out with your friends, handed out candy, or trick or treated, you’re still in a healthy, Halloween spirit.