Sargent Art Excellence Award Goes to…..

Anika Patchala, Writer

Congratulations to Drew Conrad, a junior at FHS for winning the Sargent Art Excellence Award, a high most award in the “Massachusetts Amazing Emerging Artist Recognition Exhibit!”

Drew has always been involved in art since elementary school. When asked about his interest in art, he expanded saying, “Last year because of ceramics and my work with the FAA as a rep, I got more into art.” According to Drew, Brenna Johnson, an art teacher at FHS had been a great role model for him. Drew stated, “I think it’s really because of her I got really more into clay and really why I want to pursue more in ceramics art.”

Since his sophomore year, Drew is an active member of the FAA. It is a non profit arts organization in Franklin that provides a place to exchange ideas that promote visual arts. As co-treasurer in the FAA, Drew believes, “Our main goal is to incorporate art based learning into everyday classes.” His role includes organizing and brainstorming fundraisers.    

Drew started his own art studio at home and has been working on pieces there. The pottery piece created by Drew on the right in the picture inspired him to incorporate it into his own style because it appears as an open wound. It took Drew about the first two months of school to completely finish. As Drew explained what his art meant to him he said, “To me, it means that the art that I’m making is impacting people.”

Drew’s advice to those who have just started out with art is, “Don’t be afraid to make test pieces, not everything’s gonna turn out perfect, especially with clay.” He plans to pursue Ceramics Art in college and hopes to get a jump start in the business part of art during his senior year.