What the New Year Holds

What the New Year Holds

Tarah Agati, Writer, Videographer Journalist

The new year holds many new opportunities to make changes, explore different pathways, and create a new lifestyle for high school students. As the new year has passed, now is the chance to reflect and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes that you want to create in this new year.

Below are some common New Year’s resolutions paired with helpful advice and articles that may encourage you to strive for in the new year. Although keeping a resolution for a year may seem long and tiring, you can always plan and achieve many great things to improve and create a healthy lifestyle!

Getting More Involved

We all need a community to encourage us to do better and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Being a part of a community, like Franklin High School, inspires us to make a difference. It takes effort and commitment to improve your involvement in any way.

You don’t have to hesitate to get more involved in your school, community, or even with charity. An improvement in putting yourself out into your community will automatically allow you to live a much healthier and happier lifestyle in this new year. Here is a list of some enjoyable ways you can surround yourself in your community: 

1.) Donate to causes around your community or in your town

2.) Volunteer at the Franklin Food Pantry

3.) Participate in a cleanup

4.) Take on a school sport

Sleep More to Wake Up with More Energy

Sleep is essential to maintain good health. Sleep deficiency can lead to less energy, poor moods, and disrupt concentration, especially in school. There are many options that can be made to improve the sleep you get and help you wake up with more energy to start the new day!

1.) Create a sleep-friendly environment: minimal light and comfortable bed

2.) Establish a sleep and night routine

3.) Exercise regularly

4.) Take care of your mind

You can also visit Sleep Doctor to find more helpful ways to improve your sleep routine and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Organize Yourself

Multitasking while trying to fit every last minute thing in at once doesn’t allow for an efficient lifestyle, or keep healthy mental health. Allowing yourself to focus on one thing at a time improves your proficiency with your time. You don’t need to feel 100 percent organized, but having a simple organizational routine will allow you to have a solid day.

Freshman, Aislinn Lavery says, “It is essential to have good organization to get through a day proficiently!” Here are a few options to help improve your day:

1.) Create a task or checklist

2.) Carry an agenda

3.) Plan out your day/week and schedule downtime for yourself

Most transitions take time, but with dedication and a conscious mind, you will get there in no time! Happy New Year!