How Smartphones Could be Affecting Your Mental Health

Gabby Colace, Writer, Videographer

As the use of technology rapidly increases, most kids and teenagers begin to struggle with mental health disorders due to the overwhelming amounts of social media and time being spent on screens.

There are of course other things that impact the mental health of teens but studies have shown that smartphones can play a huge role.

Shortly after smartphones became more widespread among teens, it was found that teens who spend more time online are more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. Meaning, the more time teens spend on their phones, the more they are likely to be unhappy.

Sophomore Katelyn Davis says, “I spend most of my time on Snapchat and YouTube. It relaxes me sometimes but it can also distract me from socializing with friends and family.”

Smartphones can also play a huge role in lack of sleep. According to research, only 15 percent of teens meet the requirement of getting eight to ten hours of sleep at night with smartphones being a main cause.

Sophomore Jenny Maciel says she spends about five hours a day on her phone. She says, “I usually use my phone a lot before bed and check it first thing in the morning. I get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night.”

Most teens don’t know how much their devices affect their daily lives. For more information on how smartphones can affect mental health click here.