College and Beyond

Aislinn Lavery, Writer

FHS has a diverse community of students, each with a different idea for their future career and lifestyle. These ideas are becoming more important at this time of the year.

Both juniors and seniors may be in the midst of college visits, applications, or acceptance letters, and even the underclassmen are starting to decide on next year’s classes and activities based on their hopes for the future.

But many students are not sure what they want to do when they graduate. This is understandable, due to the multitude of options available and many different influences around them.

However, for those who wish to narrow down their options for what career they will be aiming towards in college or beyond, here are several strategies when choosing a university major, or even when deciding on a career.

1. Do What You’re Good At

“I know what my strengths are, and that will help when I eventually make a decision about my major,” says ninth grader Kelly Moussa.

One easy strategy to clear up your future path is to think about what your skills are. If you excel at science, for example, a career in STEM could be the one for you. If you’re athletic, you could be a trainer or physical therapist.

This is not to say that you can’t become skilled at areas you are currently inexperienced in, but your skill set may reflect a great place to start looking for a college major.

2. Take Inspiration From Others

Everybody is influenced by those they spend lots of time with; it’s only natural to pick up habits and traits from those close to us. So when you’re looking for your future major or career, it’s okay to listen a little to friends and family.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to let friends drown out your dreams with their ideas for your future, but considering their thoughts about your strengths and skills might help you narrow down a major.

The people close to you know you almost as well as you know yourself, and if they’re all telling you that you have a certain strength, they’re probably right! Let the people around you boost your confidence and help you find the right direction for your future career.

3. Don’t Stress

A vitally important strategy is to forget the stress that comes when thinking about your future. Despite the pressure that many may put on you, you don’t have to rush into a decision.

“There are many things I want to be, and I’m not sure which I’ll choose,” ninth grader Audrey Olmstead confesses.

Many students choose an Undecided Major for their first years of college, and that’s okay. Remember that there’s always time to explore more options and paths.

Overall, each and every student has a different future after their time at FHS, and there are many different strategies for choosing a major in college. Each career is important and valid, and you should always remember most of all to love what you do, because it’s your future.

If you want to learn more about popular college majors and college requirements, the app College Hunch is great for more details.

To learn about what some students see in their future, watch the attached video (above).