Peace Takes Practice

Katie Nguyen, Guest Writer

The annual Peace Takes Practice conference is right out around the corner. It will be hosted by the Peer Leaders of Franklin High School at Dean College on Wednesday, March 13th.

Twenty-one years ago, the best friend of a Franklin High School peer leader was attacked. The Peer Leader, Stephanie Doyle came up with an idea to host a regional student conference that revolved around prominent teen issues. The conference is still held today as Peace Takes Practice.

Peace Takes Practice is an opportunity for students to learn how to encourage peace in their communities. The conference focuses on teen issues today and how students can help themselves and others deal with these problems. In the past, Peace Takes Practice has focused on substance abuse, mental health, anti-bullying, and other aspects of what it is like to grow up in today’s society.

The Peer Leaders are looking forward to guest speakers such as Nathan Roy, George Ortiz, Roseann Sdoia, Janet Brown, and Queen Banda. Many students know George Ortiz from working with him for the Elisha Project. Guest speakers like George are excited to share the ways they practice peace in our communities.

Students have been selected based upon recommendations from their teachers, advisors, and peers. Please check your emails for an invitation to the conference. Field Trip Forms and payments are due to Ms. Hess (room 122) or Ms. Briggs (room 141) by this Thursday 3/1 at 2:05 pm. Cash or checks made payable to the Town of Franklin are acceptable. Ultimately the goal of Peace Takes Practice is to promote peace through acceptance and they hope that you will begin by accepting their invitation to practice peace.