Freshman Lunch

Erin Zielinski

Lunch is a time for students to relax and eat, but not for most freshman at Franklin High School.

Franklin High School has four lunches. There are four because your lunch corresponds to what class you have. Different lunches have a different number of students. Some students claim it is very crowded and they have a hard time finding a seat.

This could have a very negative effect on students. It may cause them stress and anxiety. Rather than students worrying about grades, they have to constantly worry about where to sit.

According to multiple freshmen, such as Olivia Giddings and Elise Ravech, third lunch is by far the most hectic and crowded. Giddings says, often students have to share seats, stand, or sit at sophomore tables.  

People often rush to lunch in order to get a table. Having a large grade does not mix well with the minimal tables.

There could be a solution though. Freshman suggest adding more tables and seats to create a more efficient system of lunch where it is stress-free.