How to Stay Motivated in the Final Stretch

How to Stay Motivated in the Final Stretch

Harry Weber , Writer

The last few months of the school year is always bittersweet. Everyone is excited to move on to bigger and better things but it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Here are a few ways to beat the oncoming spring fever.

1).  Take naps

Local senior, Lauren Ballinger says that naps help her refocus and re-energize after a long day. A 60-minute nap is enough to dream and avoid grogginess.

2). Do not push things off

It’s really easy to procrastinate assignments especially as it starts to get warmer out but, it will affect your grades and can lead to some stressful nights and tough mornings.

3).  Get a calendar

Calendars can help you keep track of important dates and events. If used effectively calendars can make it really easy to manage your time.

4).  Check in with teachers

It doesn’t hurt to ask if you are missing anything. Teachers would rather have you ask now than later and a few zeros can really make a difference.

5). Hang in there

The last few months are only long if you make them long. Staying on top of things and keeping a positive outlook is a guaranteed success plan.