Spring Season

Spring Season

Liliana Duffy

As the spring season slowly begins to kick into gear, students can look forward to the start of many different events.

Many students are stuck in a daze. The first day of spring took place on Wednesday, March 20, bringing with it the warm weather, and vacation shortly after. Around this time of the year, many students begin the preparation for the start of spring sports and activities.

Freshman, Brooke Walsh, becomes excited for the start of spring. When looking to get into the mood, Walsh will start out by emptying all the winter clothing out of her closet, and load in her spring and summer clothing.

When asked how she was affected by the spring weather, Walsh simply stated: “It puts me in a good mood.”

Student, Elise Ravech agrees with this.

Ravech believes that: “When you wake up and see the sun it makes you want to enjoy the day, and feel more motivated!”

Like any student would be, Walsh is most looking forward to the thought of vacation. She is also looking forward to kick off the club basketball, and Unified Track season.

Ravech has also been working hard in preparation for softball tryouts that took place the first week of spring. Elise participates with the Hornets, Franklin Fury, and the Franklin High School Freshman Softball team.

By creating or following a spring checklist to complete, students with interests other than being apart of a sports team look forward and become excited about the start of spring activities.