Wanna Get in Shape but Have Fun?


Elise Ravech, Writer

Are you looking for something to do this summer? Want to stay in shape or keep connected with current teammates? Franklin’s summer conditioning program might be for you! Below is all of the information you will need.

Mr. Mclaughlin and Mr. Masto both run the camp together. They are very close, not only during the school year when they teach gym together but outside of the school as well! Student’s at Franklin High are also allowed to help out as well. The application deadline is May 24, 2019. You can either submit the application on twitter or just email Mr. Masto if you’re interested.

The program runs all summer long, July 1st – August 15th and costs only $200.00. If you sign up by June 1st you can save up to $25.00!

Students who participate will learn good footwork, have resistance training in the weight room, and work on their speed and agility on the turf. Each day pushing you to a limit you never knew possible.

When asked what is your advice for kids on the fence, Mr. Mclaughlin replies, “100% do it, whether you are advanced or just starting out it is the place for you.” He later adds that it will improve not only on your work ethic, but your team culture and school ethics.