Full Circle- Senior Year

Olivia Potts

As senior year comes to an end, so do the memories with everyone by your side. As the class of 2019 currently sits in their last week of school it’s not long before we say our actual goodbyes. As a fellow senior peer, Colin said: “You have to take advantage of everyday now..time flies.”

The lasts of everything’s will soon be gone, last first and last period study, last lunch with all your friends, and last walks in the halls, last run to the car after school, and last time you see all the familiar faces you always have.

You never really take advantage of the time you have until you are sitting in class with the thought that this is some of the last times you will ever step foot in this building again. Some of these people you will never see again.

Looking back, the biggest piece of advice Elizabeth Davis, a senior at Franklin High School has is:  “Don’t stress over the small things that happened; in the end nothing matters but the memories.”