Stuck in Franklin: A Summer Bucket List

Amanda Wylie, Writer

With the dark cloud of MCAS and final exams looming over our heads, it can be hard to remember that summer vacation is quickly approaching. Maybe you are heading off to a beautiful resort somewhere along the ocean, ready to soak in the sun, coconut in hand.

Or maybe you’re stuck in Franklin all summer.

Summer in Massachusetts doesn’t have to be boring. We’re here with a list of fun activities to do so that your entire vacation isn’t spent laying on the couch with nothing good to watch on TV. Let’s get right into your 2019 Summer Bucket List!

  1. Have a picnic at the Franklin Town Commons.
  2. Make a campfire and eat s’mores.
  3. Buy something from a thrift store and give it a makeover.
  4. Try one of those acai bowls that are all over Instagram.
  5. See one of the new live-action Disney movies.
  6. Try a new hair style.
  7. Get crepes from Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House.
  8. Sleep under the stars in your backyard.
  9. Go to the beach and send a message in a bottle.
  10. Play “Chopped” or another cook-off game with friends.
  11. Go to the Mendon Diner and then the Mendon drive-in to live out your 50s dreams.
  12. Go hiking somewhere.
  13. Stay up all night and then watch the sun rise.
  14. Go to the Franklin 4th of July Carnival.
  15. Let the person in front of you decide what you eat at a fast-food restaurant.
  16. Go blueberry picking at Gianetti’s U-Pick Blueberries.
  17. Catch a firefly.
  18. Read a book while relaxing in a hammock.
  19. Get ice cream from Spruce Pond.
  20. Hand-write a letter and send it in the mail.
  21. Make a YouTube video.
  22. Say yes to everything for a whole day.
  23. Make something on Shutterfly.
  24. Do a photoshoot with your friends.
  25. Make your lifelong bucket list.

So what are you waiting for? Pantherbook challanges you to see how many of these activities you can complete before school starts back up again!